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Nibiru is part of the Nemesis Planetary System that orbits around the Sun every 3,625 years, or so. Everytimne it comes by nbear Earth is creates havoc for the Earth. Not because it hits Earth, but because of these factors:

  1. It has a large debris field (1 million miles long) that it is pulling behind it. It is this field of debris that will enter our atmosphere and, in some cases, crash into the Earth causing Tsunamis, fires, earthquakes, etc.
  2. Nibiru contains mostly iron in its core and this will create a strong magnetic effect against the Earth. We have already seen a 12-20% change in or tilt angle because of Nibiru. This will eventually cause us to have a pole shift where the North and South poles will reverse. This could cause a rapid movement of the Earth to re-orient itself relative to the Sun, moon, and Nibiru itself.

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