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Update 7-6-2017

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in Current Updates · 5 July 2017
Tags: Updates
Every week we seem to have a crisis of some sort or another. Early this week, North Korea allegedly launched a 2 stage intercontinental ballistic missile. The US and Japan, joined by China and Russia, expressed their views that they considered this as a very serious infraction of the rules.

Keep in mind that the US wants to start a war with N. Korea so when this happened, the US Govt was happy. There will be lot of posturing in the days and weeks ahead . Hopefully, calmer minds will prevaiul ad keep the World  from starting WW III.

I recommend that we actually have discussions with the North Koreans in an attempt to find out what their problems are. But since we have not spoken to them since the 1950's it is doubtful that we will wise up this issue at this time.

My prediction is that the situation will be quelled down by mid-July.

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