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Too much Adrenaline in our police force

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in Military & Police · 6 October 2013
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As we all know by now, a mentally ill woman was shot (12 times) by police when she panicked and put herself, her child, and the police in danger as a result of her out-of-control driving. Even though was was clearly over-the-edge, the police should never have shot her as she exited her car. Furthermore, they could have shot her car's tires out to stop her.

Let's face it, the police panicked also and they too, were over-the-edge. We have seen this too many times recently where the police have acted irresponsibly.

The police need to chill out. All of this terrorism talk and drills is driving them to the brink as well as our citizenry. The Federal Government can't even create and stick to a budget and they should not be in charge of people carrying guns (the local police).

Get the Federal Government out of our local police departments and stop with the drills. Every time they have a drill someone gets killed.

The congress, instead of cheering that the police shot that unarmed woman 12 times in the head, should have stopped to say a prayer for her and her family (and her young child). What have we come to in the country?

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