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The un-Affordable Care Act - Wow! Just got my bill!

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in Govt Deception · 27 September 2013
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Give me some oxygen, quickly!!! Before I pass out. My old monthly premium for my wife and I was $755. My new rate for the same coverage is $1,469.94  A 95% increase.

How can this be "Affordable?"

Oh, I get it, the insurance industry wrote this plan up for Obama. That's it, they had their way with the program and came up with a price structure that cannot fail to make them a sh*t-load of money. Now it all makes sense.

I guess I will be paying the fine and putting the $9,000 I used to pay to the insurance company into my own account and then pray that neither my wife or I need healthcare. It just isn't feasible to pay them $17,640/year.

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