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Possible landing locations for 9/11 Flights 93 and 175

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Published by in 9-11 · 19 April 2014
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Flight 93 has been recorded as flying into the state of Illinois on 9/11 (after it supposedly crashed into the Penna countryside).

One possible landing area for such a flight is the old Hanna City Air Force Station which was turned over the the FAA to conduct Surveilance monitoring.

This air station is right on the flight path of Flight 93 as recorded by the ACARS system on 9/11.

So the question is, did a commercial aircraft land at that air base on 9/11? Was it flight 93? If it was, it goes to show how deep this conspiracy was with the Air Force and FAA involved as well as other elements of the Federal Govt.

Scott Air Force Base in Illinois is also eligible for taking this flight in on 9/11 and should also be investigated.

The Cleveland Airport, however, remains as the principal location for Flight 93 to have landed at.

The following is a very detailed report by Woody Box (yes, I know the name is strange but it is his blogger's name).


This report goes into a lot of detail, some of which I have seen elsewhere. He highlights how the 9/11 flights were modeled after the CIA covert Operation Northwoods from the 1960s in which "replacement planes" get alongside of the victim planes and then take over the identity of the victim planes while the victim planes are then landed elsewhere.

There is so much evidence available which supports this it is mind boggling.

So whether the victim planes landed in Cleveland or Hanna City or Scott Air Base, we may not know yet. But is clear that there was a major charade going on that day which resulted in the ultimate deaths of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of people around the World in the wars that ensued and the War on Terror that they launched.

There are traffic controllers that have more info on this including on the ACARS data and we need them to come forward. That is, if any of them are still alive to talk. Remember that many of the WTC witnesses have been murdered so do not put it past the perpetrators of the 9/11 crime to kill air traffic controllers in order to hide their crimes.

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