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Obama-scare is a Health Insurance Industry Scam

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in Govt Deception · 3 November 2013
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The new Obamacare program was hi-jacked by the insurance industry. The Obama administration was inept at trying to put together a large program like the Affordable Care Act. That is for sure. But the main culprit is the Health Insurance industry.
They effectively wrote the policy and then they came up with a GREEDY plan by which they would never stand to lose a cent.

I have an individual Blue Cross policy that costs $9,000 per year. It was outrageously expensive for what I got but it is what I had. Now I am told that that Indivdual plan was not adequate and that I need a new policy with coverages I do not need and for which they want $17,800 per year. In listening to other people with individual plans, they too have been told that their policies would go up 95+% just like mine. These plans are nort better and are outrageously expensive.

Obama's people did not bird dog the process of managing the way that the insurance companies wrote the program or how they came up with the rules and the prices. As a result, the insurance companies want to eliminate the individual plans that many people have now. These were very expensive plans, far more than the ones that employees get from their employers. But apparently the insurance does not want them anymore.

During a typical year of having the individual plan, my wife and I had expenses of $500 - 1,000 (or less) of benefits from the insurance industry. They made a profit of $8,000 each year. Now they want me to pay them an additional $9,000 per year.

Who in their right mind thinks that the average American can afford to pay $18,000 in after tax dollars per year for health insurance?

Also, their formula for calculating what your premium is, is based on 4x the poverty rate. So, if a couple makes approx. $62,000 or less they get Federal kickbacks which nreduces their premiums. If they make $63,000 they don't and their policy goes up to $18,000.

A grade school student could have written a more fair premium calculation that would be linear in determining the premiums.

This program is a disaster for the citizens of the United States and a windfall profit for the insurance industry. It needs to be completely re-done.

Obama probably did not know the details and was misled by the people that wrote this plan or he is a master deceiver.

We should have had a program like Medicare without the profit flowing to the insurance industry. The insurance industry is raping and pillaging the American people.

The Insurance Industry is at fault and they need to be reigned in.  

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