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New enhanced version of the JFK Zapruder film

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Published by in Govt Deception · 17 November 2013
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Look at this new version of the Zapruder film of JFKs murder. It clearly shows the impact from the FRONT into his head. A New Zealand company came up with this  technology that enables us to see clearly what happened on that day.

With all of the bull being shown on TV about JFK's assassination 50 years ago this week, it is fitting that we can now see clearly that there was more than one shooter just as many of us knew all along.

The deadly head shot occurs very late in the movie so do not look away and you will see it clearly. The shot comes from the front and to the right of the moving car. The area that the shot seems to come from is the famous grassy knoll area. A shot from the Texas School Book Depository (which was behind Kennedy's car) would never cause the head to go backward like we see in this film.

One only needs to watch this film to know that there were multiple shooters.

Kennedy first gets shot in the neck from a straight on bullet that actually goes thru the windshield (that is when he holds his neck early on in the film). Whether there was another shot from the School Book Depository or not is arguable. The absolute fatal shot is from the front and through the forehead as this film shows.

Film Link

The government did this hit on Kennedy and then they covered it up. They are still covering it up to this day.

This crime has never been solved and won't be until the entire truth comes out.

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