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Monsanto is trying to convert all seeds on the planet to GMO

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in Corporate Deception · 17 June 2013
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Monsanto arranged thru our crack Federal government to remove the requirement to have to label foods which contain GMOs. Food manufacturers can label their foods as not containing GMOs but if they incude them, they do not have to label them. So much for transparency.

Isn't that sneaky? So, they use GMO's to make the seed tolerant to their harsh chemicals such as their Roundup brand weed killer and then those cheimcals pass thru to the consumer. We are not supposed to know that the food contains these chemcials so that Monsanto can sell more seed and Roundup brand weed killer. There are many problems with this which we will go into, not least of which are that the the human consumers that consume foods grown from these GMO seeds are not intolerant to these toxic Roundup chemicals. But Congress never stopped to think of that when they were accepting the toxic lobbyist funds from Monsanto.

How could such a company have such a strong grip on 535 men and woman who are supposed to represent us and not corporate America? Money, money, money and Corruption with a capital C. America, you just about have the best Congress than money can buy, year after year after year. Regardles of party affiliation.

Amazing, isn't it?

I will publish the amounts that each of these folks have accepted from Monsanto.

The Bad Guys on this one are:

  • US Congress

  • The Administration

  • Monsanto

  • The Monsanto lobbyists

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