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Malaysian Flight MH370 - another set of lies

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in Govt Deception · 30 May 2014
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This entire Malaysian Flight MH370 situation has really started to stink, bad. The US has their finger prints all over this one based on the info I have reviewed. There was either a gross error and they accidentally shot down the aircraft during the military drills in Thailand (or intentionally to test a new weapon) or they remotely hijacked the plane to Diego Garcia.

The US is awfully quiet on this entire affair. The American Govt is never quiet when they are innocent but they clam up tight when they are guilty (or they do the 2-step dance with the likes of John Kerry (Frankenstein) or others).

But in general, you can ALWAYS tell when the American Govt is involved, they simply stop talking. They have not talked much about MH370, have they?

See my webpage for more info about ill-fated MH370  

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