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John Kerry - what happened to you?

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in Govt Deception · 5 September 2013
Tags: JohnKerrybotoxlobotomySyria

I think when John Kerry had the Botox added to his face, that they may have given him a lobotomy also. He seems like a changed man in so many ways. He doesn't look like John Kerry. Maybe he is an android or an alien. But whatever he is, he isn't making much sense these days when it comes to Syria and weapons of mass destruction. Its almost seems like he has been given a timeframe to make the case for war and if he doesn't get it done on time, he will turn into a tower of salt.


There is something else brewing here. A financial crisis or something serious. They need to get to war quickly before it explodes in their face (although, an explosion to John's new face may be an improvement).

Anyway, John Kerry looks scary and plastic. Get your money back John or you are going to frighten the children of the New World Order!

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