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John Kerry - get your butt over to Syria NOW and sit down with both parties

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in Govt Deception · 27 August 2013
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We, the US citizens are paying a lot of money to have Kerry and his State Department around, so why don't they earn their pay and get over to the region and sit down with the parties. Enough of this baloney Iraq war era form of not negotiating, of not even talkingwith the parties involved.

This whole mess sounds like a repeat of Iraq all over again.

For Kerry, who has done very little if anything since getting into office (except for getting too many Botox shots in his face), to stand in front of the camera and now claim that this is outrageous of the Syrians (yet he doesn't even know who did it yet!) to have done this, is unbecoming of John Kerry. What happens to these Secy of States like Colin Powell and now John Kerry? Do they prop them up and feed them the false talking points and send them out in front of the cameras? It is unbelievable to see this happening again.

As George Bush once said, "Fool Me Once.... " (well, you know what he meant to say), but the American people are not going to be fooled again by an American Administration launching a War.

We are all "war'd" out and we are broke.

If this administration takes us to war again, there will be a serious backlash in this country.

Maybe that is why the government is buying all of those bullets and guns for Homeland Security personnel. To stop the people of the US from pushing back against yet another corrupt administration.

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