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College Tuition Debt - not caused by actual educational costs

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in Education · 4 December 2014
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Once again our society has been duped. The cost of an education in the USA has gone up doubloe digit since I ent to school in the '1970's. Every year up, up, up. And why? The professors use underlings and teaching associates to actually teach their clasees while they do "research" or write books. Hmmm..... New stadiums, more alumni solicitations, the list is endless.

Most shocking is the following, however. Take the salaries plus bonus of the head of the college/university and that of the head coaches for football and basketball. Total them up and divide that amount of money by the number of students. You will then have a dollar figure that each student must pay to pay for these three employees. Then divide that amount by the total tuition for a regualr student. That is the percentage of a student's tuition that goes to pay for those 3 guys/gals. You will be shocked. I have seen cases in which it is $4,000 of a student's tuition. 

There is absolutely no justification for the head of a school or for a coach to make that high a salary. If these guys were able to teach the students and athletes how they could make that kind of money after they graduated, well, then they might be worth that kind of loney, I suppose. But they aren't teaching anybody anything. Yet, they are making a killing in salary while failing to control college costs.  

here is a good article on college costs

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