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Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth expose what really happened to WTC

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in 9-11 · 27 July 2013
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This team is a group of professional engineers and architects. We are lucky as Americans to have such a team available to analyze what happened when those *3* steel structure building collapsed on 9/11. Yes, I say 3 buildings becasue most people do not know that Blg. 7 also collapsed on that day, a 47 story modern skyscraper that was not even hit by one of the planes.

Building #7 is the smoking gun from this crime. These professionals (over 1,500 of them) explain why that building could not come down as the official story says that it did.

On their site, these engineers and architects have numerous videos, extensive analyses, interviews, etc., and they will convince you that this aspect of the 9/11 Crime of the Century was not as we have been told.  

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