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Watch out! The US Govt. is banging the war drum again!

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in Govt Deception · 22 September 2013
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Whenever you see the US Govt. pushing hard to get something done, there is something up. They never push hard to do anything UNLESS they have an ulterior motive or there is another issue coming that they want to avoid.

They have been on this Syrian war push for awhile now and they are hell bent on going to war regardless of the facts. They never talk directly to the other party (Syrians) at times like this, they just push ahead. They actually do not want to resolve the issue peaceably. They want war ($$$$). The military industrialists needs a "fix", a new war, they are bored and need more sales of armaments. They need it now.

Eisenhower was right when he warned us of the impending doom of the military industrial complex. Now it has morphed into the Terrorism complex. It is like a disease that adapts to changes in its environment. The Cold War is over so they need a new boogie man. Meanwhile our legislators are so busy taking donations and bribes from business that they are unable to think clearly.

I think the debt crisis and an even more critical financial disaster is looming just over the "horizon" that they want to hide or avoid. Most assuredly, the US is in deep financial trouble and the government feels they can push it aside if they have another mission or crisis. If they do not go to war with Syria and later Iran, they will have to face the harsh music of a financial meltdown. This will be one that they cannot dance around.

The Syrian war gives them "cover" and they can hide the problem behind the war and terrorism.

We need to throw the entire lot of them out of office. Democrats and Republicans. They have mis-directed our country for too long and they all need to go.

I often say that a class of fifth graders would do a better job of representing us than these guys and gals. The current Congress and President are more interested in money for themselves and their parties than they are interested in the American people. They have done nothing to eiliminate the influence that lobbyists have over them and we now find that they are completely useless as representatives of the people.

It is time that they all go, every last one of them.

In the meantime, we MUST resist their atempts to get us into another war. We cannot afford it and we are sick and tired of the indiscriminate killing that the US does in our name.

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