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Trans Pacific Partnership TPP Trade (?) Agreement Treaty

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in Govt Deception · 16 November 2013
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The TPP is a secret agreeent that the US and other countries have been negotiating in secret for the past 3 years. They will not even allow Congress to see the agreement. Then they want Obama to FAST TRACK the deal thru without any real review, and sign the Treaty.

Get educated about this very dangerous TPP Treaty now because Obama and his trade representatives want to get this done and signed in the darkness without any real review.

TPP Is a corporate giveaway. 600 lobbyists are on the review board but not one US Congressman or Senator. Secrey is the word on this one.

It is bad news for the USA. Take a look at these reviews and interviews about the TPP:

Interview with Public Citizen Director
  Be Sure to wait and listen to Lori Wallach who is sharp and knowledgeable

Interview with Public Citizen Director #2

Alex Jones SHow

Anti-smoking laws to now favor tobacco companies (TPP)

TPP Allows companies like Monsanto to sue countries over lost profits

CBS News - US jobs will be hurt by TPP

There are many others, check the Web and write to your senator and congressmen. They do not have to allow fast tracking of this Treaty.

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