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Thank God for the British!

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in Govt Deception · 29 August 2013
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They have a much better parliamentary system than the USA. Tehy actually mneet in a big room and discuss and debate issues. Our guys are on vacation most of the time and even when we are headed to war, they are AWOL!

Watch this video about the Brits! You can tell that Cameron has been co-opted by the USA but he is overruled by his own people.  Thank God!

The Brits may have saved us from another disaster. We will see. Our guys are HELL BENT on attacking Syria. They are trying to hide sometime or "bury the body" of some other crime or upcoming disaster. The longer we hold them off from attacking the greater the odds are that their other hot button will be disclosed.

I occasionally watch "Prime Minister's Questions"  and let me tell you, we would be well served in the US by having a "Presidents Questions" each week. First of all, we would actually get all of the house members together and let them ask questions of the President  - every week! Wow, what a powerful system.  Will never happen here, though (unfortunately).

Anyway, keep your finegrs crossed that we do not attack Syria. We need another unnecessary optional war like we need a migraine headache.

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