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Stop paying Congress!

Bash the Bad Guys
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Here's an idea, although I am certain it is not a new one. Why don't we cut Congress's pay while they dilly dally and get nothing done? Why should they get paid when they don't accomplish anything?

Let's furlough Congress!

When they work their problems out with the budget mess, then they can resume getting paid.

I will tell you what, they would get their butts moving much faster than they have been. In fact, let's outsource their jobs to contractors and only pay the contractors if they run a tight ship and get things done at budget.

Can you imagine what that would be like? It would be unbelievable to actually get something done on Capitol Hill. Plus we could save money because we would write into their contracts that they could accept bribes from lobbyists and if they did, they would be prosecuted. This would mean that we would not overpay for goods and services.

So, let's furlough Congress and then outsource their jobs. What are we waiting for?

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