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Seymour Hersh and the Bin Ladin Story

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in Corporate Deception · 28 September 2013
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Seymour is right, as he usually is. Bin Ladin was not killed by Seal Team 6. That story was a fabrication. The US Govt later made sure that they killed the entire Seal team by the way. Check Seymour's article here.

He is right on about the "wimpiness" of our news people. They are terrible. CBS, CNN, NBC, ABC none of them have any guts anymore. They do no challenge the government. They work for people who are only looking for the money and they will not piss off their advertisers or the government. As a result, the government goes unchallenged in so many ways.

Thank God for old timers like Seymour Hersh. We need more like him. The alternative news is where we will find them, hopefully.

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