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Revised Theory of 9/11 Attack on the Pentagon

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Published by in 9-11 · 19 June 2013
Tags: 9119/11

Barbara Honegger of Portland 9/11 Truth movement provides a new analysis of the Pentagon attack. She introduces info about a helicopter near the Pentagon's heliport (hundreds of feet from the so-called "impact zone") and a white plane that blew up right before hitting the building and then suggests that the real damage to the building was all done by controlled demolition. In light of the small hole where the huge airplane was supposed to have hit, her ideas have significant merit. When combining this with other data that we have available, this all makes so much sense.

But even if some of her data is found to be false, she does introduce a plausible alternative case for a smaller plane and for explosives being used to puncture the outer wall in such a way as to create a smallish 16 ft. diameter hole. There are some websites which purport that Barbara has a long history of questionable activities and suspect beliefs, but I would say that based on her presentation of her 9/11 Pentagon theory that more of her story makes sense than doesn't and we should investigate her claims further before rejecting them.


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