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Republicans kill Food Stamps in favor of farm subsidies to Big Ag

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Where do we find the kind of numskulls that would vote to give Big Ag and rich farmers subsidies while cutting the food stamp program? In the House of Representatives, of course. These folks are completely out of touch.

The number of people on food stamps has increased because the economic state of our economy has been in the toilet for many years with no help from these politicians. They are in office for one reason, to further their own agendas with no regard to the wishes of their constituents.

What the heck were their constituents thinking when they put this rabble into office?

On the one hand, the republicans want women to have babies that they do not want to have (by closing all of the abortion clinics) and then if they have them, they cut the food stamps off for these same babies and young children. They don't really care about these or any babies, they just want to stop abortions, sex, and reduce the number of people on these government safety net programs.

Once that baby is here, they are on there own! The republicans will not help them once they arrive.

So why did they decide to favor Big Ag over the potential of having starving people in the USA?

How much money does it take to bribe a congressman?

Report from Huffington Post on today's decisiom

Big Ag donations

Check this source for all kinds of info on how congress works (or fails to work)

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