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Most Likely Suspect List for 9-11 Crimes

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Published by in 9-11 · 9 July 2013
Tags: 9119/11 is getting ready to publish a list of up 52 of the Most Likely Suspects for the 9/11 Crime. I like to call it the MLS list.

In this list we assign a number of rankings as to the importance/severity of the suspect's actions as well as whether or not they were a perpetrator, had their arm twisted, or were duped.

The 9/11 Crime is such a large affair that allowing it to continue the way it has for the past 12 years with no investigatory challenge is totally unacceptable. The people that did this crime are going to be investigated and the truth will come out and we Americans will have to sit up straight and open our eyes and witness the truth.

A big part of the problem in this entire 9/11 situation is the lackadaisical attitude of the average American citizen. Combine this with the lap dog mainstream press and you have the necessary environment for creating any number of bad situations for the American public.

There are a lot of us who will not rest until these crimes are investigated and the criminals prosecuted. It may take a month, a year, 10 years or even longer. This is different than the JFK Conspiracy. That was bad, but this is extraordinarily bad and these guys must be caught.


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