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Kids for Cash Scandal

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in Govt Deception · 24 October 2013
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I was shocked to watch a show about the Kids for Cash scandal in Penna in which Judges were bribed by the private prison network that operates in Penna and Florida to erroneously convict juveniles and send them to these private prisons so the prisons could make more money from the state of Penna.

It is appalling and still continues today throughout the USA. As states ran out of money they "outsourced" the prison business to private companies and guess what, they like to keep the prison population high so they can make more money from the state. Meanwhile, the kids are abused while they are in prison by the guards and generally mistreated. But to discover that the private prison companies paid off the judges to send the kids to them is outrageous.

Check this link which tells the story of how a brave and courageous organization in Philadelphia helped expose this crime and now the 2 judges in Penna who did these crimes are now in jail.

The mainstream news didn't cover this did they? Doesn't surprise me. They do not cover anything that makes the govt look bad anymore. You must turn to alternative news for this info. Check out for some great reporting each day. Stuff that you will not see reported anywhere but yet it is important for our society to know.

They is a lot of injustice going on from our govt at all levels nowadays. There is so much corruption going on in oru govt  that it makes the old time Mafia look like the Boy Scouts of America.

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