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John Boncore Speaks out about 9-11

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Published by in 9-11 · 10 August 2015
Tags: 911boncore
John Boncore was in Attica pridson in the 1970's and was convicted of murder during a riot in the prison (although he claims he did not kill the guard during the uprising). Nonetheless, he was an outspoken acitivist. He speech years after 9-11 is a powerful one, however, and his analysis of the situitaion is right on target. He "died" sometime after the speech and whenever we hear of someone dying prematurely that was critical of the 9-11 official story, we are always suspicious.

If this man so accurately analyzed 9-11 and gave this powerful presentation of the facts as he believed them, it makes one wonder about the other charges that were levied against him in his earlier life. In any event, RIP John, and thanks for your powerful contribution toward exposing the lies behind 9-11.  

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