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Hello from Nibiru Ned!

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in Bash News · 5 July 2017
Tags: NibiruNedPlanetNibiruNemesisBash
It's great to be part of the website that my good friend, Bob Basher, created. I will focus on events involving the Planet and the solar system. Of course, my main focus will be on Planet X (Nibiru) and the Govt's attempts to keep us in the dark concerning Nibiru's arrival.

You can also reach me at Be aware that I will block you if you get out of line.

I hope to share the latest news about this soon to arrive threat to our planet. Be sure to also watch my Facebook page for news which is at

Anyway, it is great to join Bob on this site and I hope to be able to provide more info to you as time goes on.


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