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Gardasil - dangerous vaccine - Merck is guilty of murdering children

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in Corporate Deception · 13 August 2014
Tags: Merck;BigPharma;vaccine;Gardasil

This vaccine has been shown over the years to be highly risky for young girls. Are you guys aware of that? They now also give it to boys.


Did you know that the Big Pharma companies like Merck cannot be sued for vaccines that injure patients? Our Congress and Supreme Court approved such protection in 2011 and the late '80's.

If I had young children nowadays, I would think twice about getting them vaccinated in certain cases. Gardasil would be a no-no.

Do more research on this vaccine and I think you will see that the risks outweigh the "possible" benefits.

Look into this vaccine issue because someday your children may be at risk. Don't just merely listen to the doctor (they often times get a kickback for prescribing these things), look into it yourself. I have read numerous cases where the girls who got this vaccine dropped over dead within 24 hrs of getting the shot or became catatonic/paralyzed.

Can you imagine that happening to your child and then you find out that they knew all along that this could happen to x percent of the kids? Oh, by the way, you are prevented from suing Merck, the manufacturer.

Did you ever wonder why the Pharma industry would even ask Congress to be protected against law suits in these cases? Because they knew they would be sued "big time" for making these dangerous drugs and they wanted protection in exchange for political donations to Congress. Both Pharma and Congress are rewarded while our kids suffer or even die from these drugs.

Don't let your kids or grandkids (or your friend's kids) be abused in this way. Check into it yourself! It could be a matter of life and death   

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