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Fluoride Dangers - Corporate & Govt Deception

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It turns out that this stuff is created during the mfg of fertilizers. They place scrubbers on top of the smokestacks at fertilizer plants. The scrubbers collect this stuff (because EPA will not allow them to put it into the air) and they make a fluoride solution out of it. They do this because it is too toxic to dispose of otherwise.

We have been told for the past 60 years that it is for tooth decay prevention. It has only impacted tooth decay by less than 1% in the past 60 years even though that is the reason we are told that it is put it into the water supply.

Most Europeans do not allow the water companies to use Fluoride. The Canadians are pushing to eliminate Fluroide (some major Canadian cities already restrict it). Only the US uses it 100%

Check what Toronto is trying to do

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