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FBI and Flight TWA 800

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I was reminded recently that the FBI had their dirty hands in the TWA Flight 800 case in the late 1990's. A new documentary came out recently which exposes that this plane came down by means of an errant US Naval missile. But the FBI were dispatched (as they always are) to cover the evidence and squash the testimony of the eye witnesses. This really upsets me as it should each and everyone of you.

People were accidentally murdered as a result of this mishap and then the US Govt. distorts and lies to cover the real story. The FBI acts like the hammer with respect to the eye witnesses. Outrageous!

We need to create a history of FBI abuses and wrong doing so that everyone can see just how dirty these guys are. It is an endless list.

The current FBI is not your father's FBI anymore. These guys act like they work in the 1960's Soviet Union. Who the heck is running that operation?!

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