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Child Rapes in North Carolina by Illegal Aliens

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in Crimes · 10 July 2017
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In North Carolina alone, there were 706 child rapes in 2016 and 389 in the first half of 2017. That is 61 per month for the last 18 months. 2 Children per day are being raped by illegal aliens and the rate is not going down.

NCFIRE tracks this data because it is not widely reported as the Govt tries to keep this data quiet. Is your state keeping crimes by illegals quiet also? We find that crimes by Muslims in Europe is also hidden. If these criminals were so desirous for us to have or for the Europeans to have in their countries, you would think the authorities would want to boast as to how these illegals were model citizens. It turns out they are generally uneducated, and have criminal intentions as evidenced by this rape rate .

Just think if your little girl or grand daughter were raped by one of these animals? What would you think of these creeps then?

Here is the site where you can see these criminals as they were booked. These rapes are probably running at the same rate in every other state of the union which means we have an annual rape rate of children just from illegal aliens of 21,300. Add to that the pedophilia crimes done by non-aliens and the number is easily tens of thousands of children each year.

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