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Bilderberg Group 2013

Bash the Bad Guys
Published by in Corporate Deception · 23 June 2013
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This group is an annual gathering of highly positioned government officials and company executives. They gather at various locations around the world in expensive resorts. They have tremendous security from the local jursidictions as well as from private security firms.

The mainstream media has always (until this year) ignored and denied the Bilderberg's existence. This change of heart occurred partly because the alternate media finally gathered enough followers and their own means of publishing/broadcasting their messages that the mainstream media had to do something. Their coverage is half hearted however.

This influential gathering apparently does something although it is not clear what they do. They have an agenda, whether or not it is the real agenda is questionable.

They are meeting in Watsford, England this year just North of London.

Here is a list of the 2013 Bilderberg attendees. The CEOs of Google and Facebook among other "important" company leaders are there.

The jury is still out as to whether these guys are as sinister as many say they are. I am inclined to think that they are but the proof is either limited or non-existent. The Basher will keep them on our Radar Map and continue to monitor what these "actors" are up to in the months and years ahead.

Check the Resource list for other interesting info about this group.

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