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A significant portion of Bash deals with 9/11. 9/11 still represents the worst possible crime that we have seen in a Century (or two) and it is still unsolved. Many, many people have been working on solving this crime and have made significant progress, but much more needs to be done. We will do our part to help push this effort forward based on the significant amount of research that has already been done.  Be sure to check out the links at right concerning 9/11 - some of these are Bash exclusives.

Swat Teams in the USA are used 50-80,000 times per year

Presidential Report Card Updated w/Donald Trump New 3-17

Ex-NIST employee tells all in video interview

An analysis of George Bush's reactions on 9-11

Doctor Speaks out about MMR Vaccine and Autism

Good site for Job Layoff Info

A wife exposes the Illuminati and US Military

See both our Blog and Bob's Videos which have current topics

Update June 2015 on 9-11 Families against the Saudis

Major Financial Collapse coming very soon

Bash will continuously analyze what is happening on many fronts
 and report wrong doing here with our analysis. Don't worry, we will never run out of Bad Guys to expose, they are all over the place within government and industry and they surely need to be bashed! 

List of Shame

Is Barack Obama gay?
Check this webpage our for more info

A list of 
Mysterious Deaths and what they could mean (plus a 2014 update on dead bankers)

Check out and support and other outlets for alternative news

Pentagon's Multi-Trillion Dollar Loss
The Pentagon has undocumented and unaudited losses that extend back to 1996 at a minimum. These totaled $2.4 Trillion on the day before 9-11 when Donald Rumsfeld announed to the World that they could not account for this money. After the devastating events on the following day, no one ever re-investigated this issue. Since then, the losses have been rumored to be as large at $8.5 Trillion. Still no hearings have been announced by Congress. 
In RT's presentation on this subject, they speculate that members of Congress have benefited from these funds being unaccounted for since they have helped to fund their pet projects and have also fudned their re-elections.

These missing funds have funded many:
  • "Black Projects" (secret government projects)
  • Political Campaigns for US and foreign politicians
  • All kinds of illicit activities
  • Uses with no oversight or budget approval process by Congress
  • Why isn't Congress alarmed? They too, are benefitting from this corruption

Rumsfeld's own words
Pentagon has never been audited

  • Pentagon's typical Budget - $600 Billion
  • Pentagon's unaccounted budget - $8,500 Billion (14 years worth)
  • US National Debt - $18,000 Billion  (the Pentagon's missing money could pay for 1/2 of our debt)

Other topics which we cover include:

  • New World Order
  • Sandy Hook Hoax
  • Malaysian Flight MH370
  • Boston Bombing
  • FBI Shenanigans - a collection
  • Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) - an American tragedy
  • Malaysian MH17 Shoot down Check Blog under Govt Deception
  • Civil Forfeiture Laws allow Police to steal

You just never run out of things to review when you observe the strange, and often times corrupt, activities of government and corporate america.

Re-think 9-11 Video The 12th anniversary has come and gone and the crime has still not been properly investigated

Some of the topics that we will cover are in these areas:

9/11 crimes (many)
  • State and Local Government shenaningans
  • Monsanto, GMO and other items
  • Other corporate & Wall Street bad actors
  • Federal Congressional corruption and other unethical goings-on
  • Any many many more because the list of Bad Guys is unbelievably endless

    Bash - 9-11 Most Likely Suspects Playing Card List - check it out
  • Bash - Who let us down on 9-11? Check this list
  • Short video by Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth watch it now
  • Visit our YouTube Channel - click here

  • Obama Care - read this
    Obama care architect - MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber - what an idiot. For 2 reasons - (1) for helping craft a really bad healthcare program and (2) for talking about how he pulled the wool over our eyes!

    How does a guy like this demand and get $400,000 for consulting? Its easy, he bills our inept government.

    Listen to these comments he made CBS Link ab

    Re-Education Centers will be used to imprison dissidents after collapse

    The infamous FEMA camps that we have been hearing about will be used to house our own citizens whom the government believes may cause trouble when the financial collapse occurs or when a major false flag event goes down.

    More Info

    I have often told my kids (grown-ups now) that a class of smart 5th graders could do a better job at running our country than our current President and legislature. Why, you ask? Simple. 5th graders are not motivated by politics, money, or fear typically.

    What has destroyed our system of governance is money.  Plain and simple, people can be bought, and our government has been bought and paid for by a myriad of players. I used to think only 3rd World countries were plagued by corrruption. We act like a 3rd World country because our citizenry CONDONES this activity and turns a blind eye to it. This is outragious and must stop! We should not condone such illegal behavior. If we can solve this problem, we can start to move forward as a society.


    Illegal Alien News
    Shocking news about the exploding rate of child rapes by illegals in North Carolina. Illegal Aliens have accounted for a tremendous number of crimes in the USA since they have come and gone so freely across our border.

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